Miscophus bicolor Jurine,1807

Description and notes

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This wasp is only known from Suffolk in Great Britain, where it was discovered new to Britain in 2003. The BMNH has specimens of M. bicolor from France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus, Israel,Turkey, Bulgaria and Sicily. Bitsch et al. (2001) add Iran, Syria and Kazakhstan, whilst Dollfuss (1991) notes its presence also in North Africa, from Algeria. Bitsch et al. (2001) show the species to be quite widely distributed across France.

Status (in Britain only)

This is a new species to the British Isles and has no status assigned to it.


The British locality for this species is an extensive area of dry Breckland grassland, with large areas of bare or sparsely vegetated ground.The warm, dry climate with low rainfall experienced by this part of East Anglia would appear to concord reasonably well with what might be experienced elsewhere across its European range.

Flight period

All British specimens to date have been taken in early July. June to September (Dolfuss 1991).

Prey collected

Unknown in the UK, but the genus as a whole preys on small spiders.

Nesting biology

At Lakenheath, its nesting behaviour appears to focus on relatively steep, sparsely vegetated banks.

Flowers visited

Not known.


No data available.

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A P Knowles.

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