Anteon infectum (Haliday,1837)


Also known under a number of synonyms (see Else in Archer, 2005).


Throughout England, one record from Ireland (Athdown, Wicklow) (Olmi, 1984); one record from Scotland (Dumfries) (Olmi, 1984); not recorded from Wales.

Overseas known from Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Norway, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland.

Status (in Britain only)

No status is available, but probably not threatened.


Found in a wide range of habitats including lowland heathland, dry acid grassland, fen, sandy deciduous and mixed woodland, parkland, heathland, disused sand quarry, parks and hedgerows on oak.

Flight period

Mainly found during June, also May, rarely July.

Flowers visited

No data available.


No data available.

Parasitic biology

Acting as a parasitoid/predator on leaf-hoppers (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae). Hosts – Iassinae: Iassus lanio (Linnaeus) (England, Italy); Iassus scutellaris (Fieber) (Italy).

Author of profile

J T Burn, M E Archer.

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