Evagetes pectinipes (Linnaeus,1758)


One of our rarest aculeates with records confined to the Deal-Sandwich sand-dunes in East Kent and dunes in Jersey and Guernsey in the Channel Islands. It remains fairly well established at its Kent site (G H L Dicker, pers. comm.), though the lack of records prior to 1966 has led to suggestions that it is a relatively recent colonist there. On the Channel Islands, it was recorded from several sites in Jersey in the 1930s (Richards, 1979) and has recently been found at sites in both Jersey and Guernsey by M E Archer.

Status (in Britain only)

Listed as Endangered (RDB1) in Shirt (1987) and Falk (1991).


Day, 1988 is the standard work for identifying British Pompilidae. Wiśniowski, B., 2009 is also useful.

Flight period

Adults have been recorded in July and August in Kent, and May-September on the Channel Islands.

Nesting biology

Evagetes pectinipes is almost certainly a cleptoparasite of the pompilid Episyron rufipes, and possibly other pompilids (Day, 1988).

Flowers visited

The species is reported to visit the flowers of wild carrot.

Author of profile

S J Falk.

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