Lasius flavus ant mounds

Hello everybody,

I'm researching the evolution of social structures in Lasius flavus for my MSc research project and need to find a few UK sites where there are multiple ant mounds in close proximity to one another for sampling purposes.

I would be very grateful if any members could let me know of such sites and whether it would be possible to sample them.

Many thanks,



BWARS Newsletter, spring 2005

Dear all BWARS members,

                                            I'm currently working on Lancashire, Merseyside and Cumbria data in order to produce a more detailed, updated checklist of aculeates in those areas. For Lancashire and Merseyside we have reasonable data coverage. Does anyone have an a copy of the BWARS spring newsletter of 2005 that - if unwanted - I could purchase from them or if wanted I could scan and return? This newsletter has - if the record is correct - Neil Robinson's list of aculeates in Cumbria up to that point.



2 Day Bee (and Hoverfly) Identification

Steven Falk, author and entomologist, is running a 2 day Bee and Hoverfly identification course. Attendees can do 100% bee work if they wish. Steven will show you how to identify, record and (where necessary) collect these important pollinators and explain their ecology and conservation requirements. Microscopes and specimens will be provided and there will also be local excursions to see living bees and hoverflies in a variety of habitats (on the beautiful Oxfordshire Downs near the famous White Horse).

Berrycroft Farm, West Oxfordshire

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July 15 & 16 2017

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Sat, 15/07/2017


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